In 2011, “TSILIGARIDIS S.A.” by joint venture agreement with “ADVISORY export – import”, Macedonian company with 23 years of experience in alcohol drinks trading, becomes “TSILIGARIDIS and DIMOSKI Distillery”. Our company was established by the strength of years of valuable experience in producing and selling of spirits.

The main activity of our Greek – Macedonian company is producing and selling of all kind of alcoholic drinks and spirits, implementing high sophisticated European and world standards in all phases of production process (distillations, blending and bottling). The largest percentage of the production is being exported to Europe (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and ex-Soviet Union Republics) but also to Asia (Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan) and to Middle East (Cyprus, Israel).

In the domestic market we have a well-organized distribution network.

The main products of the company are SAMOILOVA MASTIKA, DOMASNA SAMOILOVA RAKIJA,  OUZO PHILIPPOS and TEQUILA MENDOZA. It is critically acclaimed and has won many international prizes. The company also produces different liqueurs in various flavors (almost 40 different names and species), Rakia, Mastika, Yani Raki, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, cocktail syrups and other. Other popular brands of our spirits are: Absinthe Butterfly, Trinkermaister, Pelin, Vodka Romanoff, Gin Lardson, Alexander the Great brandy, Samoilova Mastika etc.  As well we offer Premium and Luxury Edition.

In addition our distillery can offer you PRIVATE LABEL spirits on you request (your brand name, your Label design and choice of the quality (single, double, and triple distillations etc.))

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